Who we are


House of Tara Makeup School is recognized as Nigeria’s fastest-growing makeup school in the industry with the most up-to-date training methods. We pride ourselves with our industry success, unique teaching concepts and creative makeup courses.

Our makeup school is a boutique-learning environment for those wishing to pursue their interests in the cosmetic arts, taught by professional artists who are currently working in the industry.

Courses are not only affordable; they are stuffed with real-world information; the things you won’t learn from those who don’t practice what they teach. Students of House of Tara Makeup School leave with a full set of professional makeup brushes, a makeup box, products and lots more.
We are proud to say that some of the leading makeup artists in Nigeria are Tara trained.



House of Tara Makeup School is dedicated to educating the next generation of makeup artists. We aim to provide students with all the skills and techniques required to succeed as makeup artists, whether they go on to become entrepreneurs or Retail artists working in beauty stores. In addition to makeup application, House of Tara students acquire key soft skills like professionalism, customer service and business ethics.


To train and develop makeup artists for its industry

What We Offer


Our courses have been specifically tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Whether you are a full-time employee, or have other commitments that would make it impossible to keep up with our normal timetable, we can accommodate you.

Adept Educators

Instructors across our school branches have a vast amount of experience within the industry. What this means is that our students receive detailed training on technical creative techniques and skill and benefit from Instructors’ contacts and commercial experience as working artists.

Learning Aids

Our starter packs are carefully and thoughtfully put together to properly equip artists for their career. This is in line with our vision to train and develop makeup artists for the beauty industry. Our students are well prepared from day one for the real world they would graduate into.

Short Intensive Courses

We are aware that not everyone has years to dedicate to training or to getting a qualification. As the leading beauty school in Nigeria, we have the most specialized short courses. We believe that the best type of learning comes from intensive training in small classes by experienced tutors who are commercially active within the industry. We know this and has been proven by our enrollment rate over the years.

Small Classes

Our classes are run numerous times throughout the year but are kept small – in order to maximize learning potential and learning outcomes. Small classes ensure plenty of attention and one-on-one focus from our educators. You will be closely guided throughout your course to ensure you perfect your makeup techniques!


House of Tara Makeup school is spread across fourteen branches in Nigeria. This simply means that we have a location near you. You can kick-off your makeup career immediately. We’ve been in the industry for over 15years and we continue to grow.

Our History

House of Tara Makeup School was founded in 2004 by professional makeup artist, Tara Fela-Durotoye and she started by teaching one person. While teaching, she noticed the desire in her student to know more about the artistry. This desire led her to setup a comprehensive makeup school that offers an up-to-date education to aspiring makeup artists.

At the time, there were no makeup schools in Nigeria and she developed a detailed makeup curriculum that has since shaped the beauty industry as we know it. Most of the industry’s training happened informally through apprenticeships and internships that were often unpaid and all-but-inaccessible to people without inside connections and financial means. With so few doorways to the beauty industry and so many interested young people, someone needed to bridge that gap and Tara Fela-Durotoye did just that.

The school opened its doors in a modest facility in Victoria Island, Lagos and recruited its first set of students. The plan was simple: offer shorter, more concentrated classes; keep all instruction materials up-to-date with the latest professional methods and standards; and attract top working artists to work in the makeup studio. And the makeup school is presently doing just that.

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