Helping others look their best can be fun and exciting. Chances are you’ve helped your friends and family apply makeup. If you enjoy experimenting with eye shadow palettes or swatching lipsticks, you should probably consider it as a profession. Here are the top 5 benefits of becoming a certified makeup artist and joining the exciting world of beauty.

  • Freedom To Be An Entrepreneur
  • Building Your Own Schedule
  • Getting The Opportunities to work with Celebrities
  • Opportunity To Earning Commissions
  • You Get to Network with a Host of Clients
  • An Opportunity To Create A Look That Puts A Smile On Your Customers Face

There are numerous career opportunities for makeup artists. Many makeup artists work with models, movie stars, and sometimes musicians. They transform these individuals and give them the look that they need for a performance, photo shoot, or movie set. Makeup artists also work with TV presenters and even politicians to ensure that they look their best before appearing in front of millions of people.

The truth is as a makeup artist, your job may not necessarily have you rubbing elbows with the entertainment elite, but it is certainly very fulfilling. These roles not only help a new makeup artist gain experience, it also helps them earn a substantial income. At House of Tara, our makeup artists work as sales-people applying their knowledge of makeup artistry to help women discover which beauty products complement their skin tone and face shape.

Abuja, Asaba, Benin, Enugu, Kaduna, Kano, Ilorin, Lagos (Amuwo, Ikeja, Lekki) – refer to the contact page for full location details.

BMC – Two-week intensive training on the rudiments of makeup artistry

AMC – One-month in-depth makeup training for Television, High-fashion and multi-cultural weddings.
PMC – this training consists of all the six learning modules in the makeup school curriculum. Students who register for this course get to learn all the courses in the BMC and AMC courses plus additional courses like Airbrushing, Men’s grooming, Vintage makeup, highlighting and contouring on different facial structures

Basic Makeup Course – N123,370

Advanced Makeup Course – N161,770

Professional Makeup Course – N262,100

Yes. We provide a starter pack for your products with items like a professional brush set, Six-shade powder palette

Yes, we do. We have classes from 11am to 3pm daily

We run a weekend program for those who work

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