The Uniqueness of Colour

The Uniqueness of Colour

When someone mention colors as regards to makeup, what automatically comes to mind is a vibrant, out of the box kind of creative look.

The eyes of every individual tell a story, it could be a “I just want to look as natural as possible or I want the life of the party look,’ depending on the occasion.

The eyes are the gateway to the soul so it’s only fit to explore this aspect and maximize the eyelid to create eccentric looks.


A lot goes into getting the perfect brows such things include:

The carving or blading, it must be right. The right brow pencil must be used ranging from light brown to dark brown depending on the shade of the model you working on. The concealer and foundation used must also be the perfect shade of the model’s skin.

How I achieved this look

  • Brown eye pencil (TARA)

This shade was just perfect for my model, it gave definition to her brows, was easy to work with and worked perfectly with the BROW FIX used.

  • TARA Concealer (TC 05)

TC 05 was a perfect fit as it sat well on her skin and blended well, it gave a naturally highlighted brow appearance.

  • TARA Eyeshadow Primer

Don’t sleep on our eye shadow primer they make work easy by making the shadows blend effortlessly and appear just as they are on the palette.

  • Queen Amina II Eyeshadows

Colors are one of the best ways to express yourself when it comes to makeup. The look I created is called the Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn is a comic character, who I portray as a vibrant fun lady who sees the world through colored lens and what better palette to use than the QUEEN AMINA Ⅱ palette

The Queen Amina II palette is known for its vibrant and exciting colors. The palette is very pigmented, true to color and has minimum fallout. Its colors inspire a stroke of confidence in the user, it contains really bold colors and blends perfectly, the shimmer shadows are buttery and lovely to work with. The best way to enjoy working with colors is not to over think it, just play with the colors and supervise what you come up with. I used the same shadows as my eyeliner but in reverse order, this is a recent trend and I absolutely loved the outcome.

  • TARA Fibre Fuse Mascara

The Fiber fuse works like magic, it can transform any person’s look “going from they no lashes to a lash queen”. It worked perfectly on my model and really made her eyes pop.


  • TARA Mattifying Face Primer

Primers are very important because they not only prepare the skin for other products, they also protect the skin.

  • TARA Foundations (TF 313 & TM323)

For a perfect finish it is advisable to mix the medium coverage foundation (TF) and matte foundation (TM). This gives a good base for the powder to sit on and should be blended well into the skin.

  • TARA Powder (DUAL 44)

This is a rich brown powder that sits perfectly on the skin giving a great finish, it warms and brightens the skin.


  • TARA Blush Palette

The cheek comes to life with even the slightest application of blush, it gives a healthy amount of color to the skin.

  • TARA Light Bronzer

Bronzers brightens up the skin, the cupid bow and the bridge of the noise. It gives this part of the skin an effortless glow, making the lady wearing it look young and radiant. 



For the lips, I used Daraima and Sisi which are two different shades of red, when combined they give a perfect ombre effect. These lip stays are the perfect matte to use when trying to achieve a vibrant colorful lip. They are matte and give a wonder finish and are gentle on the lips.

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