Concealer Nightmare? No problem

Concealer Nightmare? No problem

Yes, I agree. Concealers can be a pain! Sometimes they actually don’t conceal! Which is the whole idea right? That wonder product that is supposed to leave our skin looking like a freshly made porcelain doll ends up settling into fine creases and illuminates dry patches. Ughhh!

Which is why we have come up with easy-to-follow steps to get the coverage like the pros, using your favorite concealers and powders to get a longer lasting, dark undereye shadow-disguising result.

Step 1

A common concealing mistake is applying your concealer only to the half-moon arch beneath your eye (directly over your dark circles), which ends up calling attention to your shadows, rather than lightening up your entire face.

Instead, using a small concealer brush or the applicator wand of your concealer, draw two sides of an inverted triangle beneath your eye with your concealer. Don’t connect the lines or fill in the middle, or you’ll leave the area looking heavy.

Step 2

Using a dampened beauty blender (I recommend a good one-absorbent, so the product doesn’t lift off when you blend and grows to almost twice its size when wet), blend the concealer inwards, dabbing and rolling the sponge across your skin until the triangle is seamlessly filled in.

Step 3

Keep your concealer from sliding off or settling into fine lines. Lightly set the concealer with a dusting of light weight powder.

Just dip a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush into your powder, tap off the excess, and softly sweep and swirl the brush over your under-eye triangle until completely blended.

Viola! Your eyes are completely ‘woke’ after a night of partying – or not.

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